hello february!

how are you on this first day of february? did january fly by you too? [like airplanes in the night sky?]

since february is upon us i decided to do a quick look back at the goals i set in january, and see how they're coming along.

1. get better at getting up early. well, i'm doing better than i was, but still don't like it. it still takes me a while to wake up, and far too often all i want to do is hit snooze and go back to sleep. 
progress? ✓ completed? ✕

2. read a book a month. first up is: soccernomics. obviously this cannot be completed in a month, but i'm on my way! next up? the handmade marketplace.
progress? ✓ completed? ✕

via karichapin.com

3. run a marathon. completed? ✓ 

4. launch my business. completed? ✓


5. do everything in my power to move the adoption process forward. it's hard to say with this one. so much has completely changed...
progress? ✓* completed? ✕ ✕

6. enjoy the everyday. i am failing miserably when it comes to this one. 
progress? ✕ completed? ✕ ✕

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7. enjoy exercise. slowly, but surely. i'd like it to be more consistent, but we're getting there. 
progress? ✓ completed? ✕

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how was your january?
are you making progress?


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