pumpkin ♥

i sort of have a thing for pumpkin. and considering that the mornings and evenings have been nice and cool for the past couple of days, i feel like fall could really be upon us, and thus, it won't be strange to have pumpkin smells {and tastes}, and pumpkins themselves, everywhere.

below are *some* of the lovely pumpkin-related pins i have pinned on pinterest.

Source: google.com via Kate on Pinterest

cute little white pumpkins!

lovely mantel

gingersnap pumpkin cookies

iced pumpkin spice cookies

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

pumpkin seeds

pumpkin doughnuts!

pumpkin spice latte - homemade version

pumpkin-cinnamon pull apart bread

Source: dazzledish.com via Kate on Pinterest

harvest pumpkin roll

Source: starbucks.com via Kate on Pinterest

pumpkin spice latte - starbucks version

Source: google.com via Kate on Pinterest

gorgeous photography!

i have to say though, even with all of the above goodness, this year the best thing about fall will be the welcoming of our little pumpkin into the world. 

i washed a bunch of the little man's stuff yesterday, including his coming home from the hospital outfit:

his nursery is almost done, which means i'll post some pictures within the next week or so :o)

have a lovely day!


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