week 33: dear baby boy,

{have a listen while you read}

we're getting so close to having everything ready for you! there are even a few things on the "want to do, but don't need to do" list that seem like they may actually be possible.

it's officially unofficially fall. everyone is back in school, it's after labor day, and starbucks brought back the pumpkin spice latte. [i may share a decaf one with you later this week, and you'll understand its goodness.]

your nursery is close to complete, though some loose ends need to be wrapped up, and laundry will need to be done to get it the whole way there.

you're still moving and growing in there - the growth simultaneously delights and frustrates me. i want you to be strong and healthy when you meet the rest of the world, but i also want to be able to wear pants until i give birth to you. we'll see how the next few weeks go!

you have a cousin who will most likely be born today, which makes your birth impossibly close, and yet still a ways away. at this point 6 1/2 weeks seems like a lot, and nothing at all.

your name will be decided in the next week or so. i've pretty much already decided, but your daddy and i are in this together, so we have to make sure he's pretty much already decided on the same name too.

you're going to love your daddy so much. he's the best there is, so you'll do well to model yourself after him.

there are so many things i hope and wish and want for you. there are so many things i pray for you. and it's crazy that you can hear my heartbeat, and the sound of my voice even as i sit here now.

it's crazy that even though i haven't held you in my arms yet, i have been holding you since the moment you were conceived. crazy that i can feel your movements - i can feel your kicks and your turns and your hiccups.

crazy how long you'll have been here by the time you get here.

truth be told i'd like you to come a little early, but i have a feeling you'll come late...
at the end of the day just come when you're ready, and we'll do our best to be ready for you.

i know that no matter what you'll be here before we know it.
and life will never, ever be the same.

you have no idea how much you are already loved, and wanted.
you have no idea how long we've waited and prayed for you.

i have no doubt that you'll be worth the wait.

godspeed, little man.
i can't wait to meet you.

your mama


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