october = birth month!

even as i type that it is with a grain of salt. we *hope* october is birth month. i pray october is birth month, but he will come when he's good and ready, and God alone knows when that is.

it does seem crazy that we're 37 weeks in, and he could really come at any time in the next 5 weeks or so. he could come tomorrow, or he could come in a month. CRAZY!

it's strange for it to be so unknown. because really, at this point, the "due date" only tells you but so much. it's simply an estimation, and that's it. and it's so hard to remember too. because people ask when i'm due, all the time.

it's not that i don't want them to ask, it's just that it's hard to remember how wide the range actually is since i'm counting down the weeks to my due date.

right now baby boy is moving even more than he did before. i wonder if it's because he's starting to get uncomfortable, and keeps trying to find a better position to settle into. currently he likes to settle under the right side of my rib cage. that is probably the most uncomfortable part of this whole process thus far. but i really can't complain.

the fact that i'm actually having a baby is miraculous enough after how long we waited, so i'm doing my best to keep the little bothersome nothings from dumping on this blessing.

i know we have big, giant adjustments coming along with this bundle, but there will also be lots of joy and excitement alongside the sleep deprivation.

i told peter yesterday though that to me one of the weirdest parts of this whole process is thinking about 2 of us going into the hospital, and 3 of us coming out. it'd be completely unbelievable if it didn't happen all the time.

as a planner, trying to figure out the next month or so is a bit maddening. i keep thinking about the things i want to do before he comes [there aren't many now] or the people i want to see before it becomes all but impossible for a while. i've started adding "as long as the baby hasn't come yet" to my plans just to cover all the bases.

we have a dry-erase calendar on our fridge, and i updated it to october yesterday. at the top of it there's a space to write monthly goals, so this is what i wrote: "HAVE A BABY"

pretty good goal, i'd say!

hope you're 
enjoying the
start of october!


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