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ok. so i'm not exactly the most patient person when there's something i really want to happen, or something i expect to happen.

thus, the last couple of days have not been fun.

i've been praying for baby boy to come "today" since sunday. as in sunday i prayed - "please let him come today" and then on monday i prayed - "please let him come today" and then tuesday, and wednesday, and today, and apparently i'll be praying the same thing tomorrow too. i feel like i'm sitting twiddling my thumbs, and getting more and more frustrated...

i'm also feeling like a beached whale with so few clothes that i'm able to wear, but it seems more than a little silly to try to find anything else now that i'm 40+ weeks preggers.

i know that so very soon i'll wonder where the time has gone, and this will seem like the blink of an eye. i know that is true.

but right now, in the midst of it, my son's willful stubbornness is frustrating me. [oh, i know our son will be a stubborn little guy - stubbornness is WAY too prevalent in both peter and me for him to get through the gene pool without it.]

anyway, we are still waiting. and every time i feel any kind of anything in my abdomen i hope it's the start of real contractions. [those fake ones are really not cool...]

so, while we wait together, here are a few cute pictures of waiting - and no, i am not in any of them since my waiting does not look cute at all.

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praying he comes soon!


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