playing the waiting game.

within the last couple of days i've finally started to realize why women get miserable and annoyed at the end of pregnancy.

this is not to say that i've been terrible and full of complaints. it's just that i'm finally starting to understand. granted, i'm a little uncomfortable. granted, the beach ball belly makes it a little tough to do certain things like put on socks and shoes. granted.

but the things that bother me are more the things i'd really like to do, but i just can't right now. things like wearing my cute fall clothes, which just so happen to be some of my favorite pieces in my whole wardrobe.

things like going for a run in the midst of a gorgeous 65 degree day.

things like eating sushi. i miss sushi.

but i'm trying to remember that he really could come at anytime now. and then life won't ever be the same. so while i'm beyond grateful that he's almost here - for so many reasons; i'm also trying to remember to enjoy the little moments of quiet. the extra minutes of sleep. the ease with which i carry him around now.

i'm trying to remember that while he will bring more joy than i can ever really fathom once he's here, it's okay to enjoy the last moments of just the two of us.

so we play the waiting game. we wonder when he'll make his debut. we plan, but not too far in advance. we are thankful for the time in between.

the time when everything needs to be ready, just in case, and the time when he comes.
the time to breathe a little bit. time to rest.

the calm before the storm of the first few weeks of transition. the first few weeks of our son's life.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

for now, we sit.
we go for walks.
we eat dinners that take a while to prepare.
we talk about life now,
and where life is going.

we enjoy the time between the now and the not yet.
we play the waiting game.

soon enough, m'dears.
soon enough.


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