week 39: dear keane,

well little man, we're all ready for you to come. according to the doctor, you're packed in there, so naturally i'd prefer you to come earlier rather than later. God's timing isn't always the same as ours though. you'll learn that soon enough.

there's part of me that still can't believe you could come at any time now, and part of me [a smaller part] that feels like i've been pregnant for SO long.

i got you the cutest little outfit yesterday. it's for your very first thanksgiving, which is one of our favorite holidays! it's steeped in traditions, many of which are being reworked this year since your impending birth is so close to the holiday. but don't worry, you won't remember this year's celebration anyway.

we won't normally get you a whole lot of themed clothes, but thanksgiving clothes seem uber appropriate this year, since we're so so so thankful for you.

i also "made" your onesie for the hospital yesterday. and when i say "made" i mean that i took a fabric marker and put your name on one of your white onesies so everyone who comes to visit you at the hospital, and shortly after your birth, can sign it.

i think everyone is ready for you! i got a message from your aunt sarah a couple days ago, and she said they're all ready to come down and visit you. she and uncle matt are going to come hang out with us, and bring lots of yummy food to eat for the first few days we're home from the hospital. they're not even bringing your cousins this time so that they can focus on you.

there are a whole lot of people who love you already and can't wait to meet you.
and i have to say - i hope the next time i post, i'm posting pictures OF you.

come soon, little man.
i love you.

your mama


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