what's in a name?

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we're 38 weeks into this journey, and barring any crazy events, our boy has his name.

deciding on a name was quite the process, but we didn't fight about any of them, they were just slowly eliminated.

anyway, i know what you're thinking -- what is it??

Keane Alexander

you may or may not care why, but i'm going to share the reason(s) with you because this is my blog, and i can do that :o)

the why mostly comes down to the fact that we like the names, but the meaning of each name is what really clinched it.

keane means "fighter, sharp eye or sharp wit." the reason why this is significant is because we found out early on in the pregnancy that my progesterone level was low. and progesterone is the hormone that helps the placenta implant and stay implanted. so for the first few weeks, he literally had to fight for his life.

alexander means "man's defender." we especially like it in combination with keane because if he is a fighter at least he's taking up the cause of others.

i have to say - meanings played into the names far more than i thought they would initially, though i will admit that i really liked keane before i knew what it meant. the meaning kind of clinched it for me.

so there you have it. 
now we're all set and ready for him to make his debut!

"would a rose by any other name
still smell as sweet?"

hope you're having a great monday!


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