11 months

well, i kept forgetting to take keane's 11 month pictures, so they were taken at 11 months and a week. oh well! this time around he wanted to look at the sticker - he did not like it on him, or when i took it away [as you'll see...].

i simply cannot believe that the next time we're taking these pictures he'll be a year old. so, so crazy!

he's getting much closer to walking now, and all he wants to do is walk around the house. he'll grab onto your hand and stand up, and then hold his other hand out and wait for you to take it. as soon as you do, he's off to the races.

anyway, here's our little 11 month old monkey :o)

see what happened when i took away the sticker?

i know some of them are blurry, but those are usually the ones that are too cute not to post!



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