exhaustion takes over

wouldn't it be nice if things slowed down just a smidgen? i realized this evening in talking with a few people that even though camp is over the next few weeks promise a load full of busy-ness as well, and unfortunately i do not have as much time to breathe as i originally hoped.

even though it's a crazy time i have officially signed up for the greenville half marathon at the end of october. i'm 15 weeks out today, and started my training this past week. 5 days/week for 16 weeks (15 more weeks) i will be completing various workouts to prep my body for the 13.1 mile trek. i'm pretty stinkin' excited too. i've discovered i need to learn how to pace myself a little bit better because my natural tendency is to run around 7:00-7:10 minute miles, and i don't think i can hold that for 13.1, but we'll see what happens as i progress further into my training.

i just can't believe that we're almost to the end of july. this entire summer has been a total whirlwind experience. i know i voiced the same thing in my last post, but it's not any less true today after spending the week with high schoolers, and coming back to a week packed full with 3 different events and our year end (at work) breathing down our necks. this week has to be the canvas for MANY different colors. and i've got to learn how to paint really well.

oh, and for anyone who was wondering we did get our a/c fixed before leaving for camp, it set us back significantly on the cost front, but what do you expect when the repairman has to come out on a sunday? and you have a crack in the freon pipe? and the freon has all leaked out? 

yeah, good times. 

anyway, just wanted to give a quick update on our little lives. i'm off to bed now.

sweet dreams pumpkins!


  1. Yay for all the posts! Keep 'em coming!

    Love ya!


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