whirlwind week(s)

WOW. i can't believe how long it has been. much has happened in the last two plus weeks. we attended brian & jamison's wedding and all the festivities that accompanied it; we finished painting (with help from peter's mom and gran); we cleaned our new house (with a lot of help from dad and sue); and we moved ourselves in and unpacked. 

today is the first day that i feel like we can relax a bit since we made a run to the dump and to goodwill yesterday to shed some of the excess stuff. the thorn amidst the roses is that our a/c is not working right now, and we're sitting in the 89 degree heat waiting for the repair man to come and hopefully fix it before we leave for camp tomorrow.

we're just a little bit busy this summer...

i stopped in the middle of this post in order to take the "after" pictures of our house now that we're actually in it. naturally there are still a couple little places that aren't entirely organized, but we're pretty close. 

view of the living room when you walk in the door

looking towards the kitchen from the living room

dining room


living room looking towards the door


master bedroom, view 1

master bedroom, view 2

master bath, view 1

master bath, view 2


guest bedroom, view 1

guest bedroom, view 2


the reading on our thermostat at the time of this post: 89.5 degrees



bexley has been enjoying his new fenced-in backyard, and is starting to get used to this being home. we're still getting used to it too. a couple of times this week i almost blew by the entrance to our neighborhood to head "home" to the old place.

the rest of today includes packing for camp - because i haven't had quite enough packing and unpacking this week - and Bible study this evening. 

we leave bright and early tomorrow morning to head up to liberty university with our high schoolers to go to a missions camp. we'll be working at the ymca with the kids for the week. i'm actually quite excited even though i'm not entirely sure what to expect. 

after we get back from camp i'm hoping - hoping - to get into more of a routine. once again, i'm trying, but i'm just so bad at establishing a routine for myself. i crave it, but it's difficult to impose something like that on free flowing days.

there are so many things that i want to do on a daily basis, so many things on a weekly basis, and then there are the things i need to do that i don't necessarily want to do...c'est la vie.

i want to write more
i want to run more
i want to read more
i want to spend more time hanging out with peter

there's so much i want more of.

and yet, i need less of so much else to gain room for more of these.

...i long for more of these


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