slow morning

this morning is backwards. or maybe i'm just backwards. i'm just now settling down with some coffee. it's after 11, and i'm just getting there now. yesterday morning was very rushed. i woke up late, had a meeting to get to, and had time for no extras like eating breakfast or making coffee. this morning i stayed in bed longer than i should have listening to music and generally being lazy. i simply didn't want to get up and start the day. there's much to do today, and first thing this morning i had zero energy to tackle it. so i lazed about for a bit, and now i'm behind, but i have no one but myself to blame.

outside of the washer and dryer swishing along the house is silent. it's a welcome change, the noiselessness.

our new house is finally starting to feel like home, and i'm hoping by the end of this week all the pictures will be hung and things will be more or less "finished". i still have a few more photos to get from peter's mom, but i'm hoping to get together with her on friday and find the last few.

there's so much going on this week, and so much still to prepare for. even though i should be halfway done, suffice it to say i'm not. we have an event tonight, and i have an event tomorrow afternoon that i still need to figure out many of the details for. i'm doing a scavenger hunt with the high school girls, but i haven't had any brilliant ideas yet of what to have them scavenge for. i'm still trying to think through that whole thing...

i'm also going to be teaching both sunday school and bible study this week and i've not really started preparing for either of those because there has been so much else to do. 

i'm so hoping that next week i can finally rest a little bit for the first time this summer -- the last week in july.

anyway, i should get going and brainstorm for tomorrow. and finish my coffee - it's kind of sad that i'm still nursing it, but it's one little thing that i'm very grateful for today.



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