ode to anthro

i never thought the word anthropology would excite me -- and truthfully, it still doesn't. ANTHROPOLOGIE on the other hand makes me jump up and down with excitement. i am absolutely in love with this store. it's not just the store either. it's everything they put out. i get their catalog for the sheer purpose of the perusing the photography, and tearing out the pages for my inspiration wall. their shoots are always so gorgeous. walking into their store fills my lungs up with a breath of fresh air, and i want to stay there all day, and take everything home with me when i leave.

i really think that some of the sales girls must laugh at me when i walk in there because i do so many "laps" around the store. they do such a good job of making everything look gorgeous. i always walk away with decor ideas in addition to some combination of fabulous clothes, accessories, books, and/or decor.

i can't wait to go there on monday and take advantage of my birthday money and gift cards which have been burning a hole in my pocket!

{via anthropologiegirls.blogspot.com}

{via anthropologie.com}

anthropologie perfectly encompasses what marketers everywhere aim for -- they successfully sell you an experience. an experience that you want to be associated with.

even though it's a chain it bucks against the "chain store" stereotype. somehow, instead of leaving looking like a clone of everyone else, you leave feeling more like yourself.

kind of strange,
but in an
kind of way.


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