i shop on etsy quite a bit. i count myself one of its biggest fans actually. when i first found it i kept seeing "ooak" as a descriptor, and frankly, while i had seen it before i didn't know what it meant. so, like most americans, i googled it.

ooak: one of a kind

last night peter and i had a lengthy discussion which encompassed various topics. part of said discussion involved him telling me that i want to be unique, and different. i don't want to blend in.

and it got me thinking...
don't we all want that?

don't we all want to be unique?
don't we all want to be OOAK?
don't we all (on some level) want to change the world?
don't we all want to know we matter?

if i'm honest i wonder about those things more than i'd care to admit. sure i "know" the answers, but that doesn't mean i don't wonder sometimes. it doesn't mean i always really KNOW.

we all hear the haunting questions sometimes. we all have the times when we look to the sky, throw up our hands, and shake our heads. times when we wonder -- WHAT is going on? what the H?

sometimes the "right" answers, the "easy" answers, are nothing short of crap.

in reality we have control over very little in this life. think about that for a second.


you agree, yes? we fool ourselves into thinking we have control. we don't.
as my husband says - we control this tiny little chunk. that's it.

how are you going to use your chunk?
will you be who you are?
and change what you can?

i am OOAK.
i am unique.
we all are.
each one of us.

why do we try so hard
not to be?
why do we shoot each other down
for being who we are?


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