"life throws you curves

but you learn to swerve."

the above is one of my most favorite song lyrics. it holds that status because of the truth wrapped up in a simple sentence.

i often think of this song when i'm somewhere i never thought i'd be. when i'm experiencing something that was never "part of the plan."

you see, i'm a bit of a planner. goals for me are someday goals until i actually decide to do them. then they become part of the plan.

however, the plan (more often than not) balks at me and runs the other direction - heaving itself about every which way like a toddler throwing a tantrum. sometimes you just have to let the tantrum runs its course. sometimes, the run-around gets you to the same place you were going anyway, it just takes a different path. a longer path. a harder path.

and sometimes, [but ONLY sometimes,] it's better that way.

can you tell
i'm swerving
all over the road
these days?


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