beige shadow & brooklyn

after our fabulous company this weekend i decided to paint our guest bathroom this week. it has needed it since the day we moved in, but other things were more pressing then. so, our bathroom is in the midst of transformation as we speak. previously it was a horrid, badly painted shade of yellow based off white. it almost looked like they decided to prime the walls and never actually paint them.

so, now it's mostly "beige shadow" - quite a lovely color. it has inspired me to also want to paint the old wooden cabinet, and replace the knobs, but for now we're taking it one step at a time.

i actually remembered to take a "before" picture this time, so once i finish up i'll post the before & after.

every once in a while i get a creative itch, and i want to change up everything. i'm doing my best to rein that in though since i have a tendency of going overboard...

fortunately though the bathroom needs to be finished up by tomorrow because saturday we're leaving for brooklyn. we're taking a handful of students up to new york to serve in brooklyn, and i'm STOKED about the trip. there is a part of me that has always wanted to live in nyc, and my last trip to brooklyn only encouraged that desire.

[on the brooklyn bridge]

[on the brooklyn bridge 2]

i have no doubt that this one will do the same.

frankly, ever since last weekend i've wanted nothing more than to move somewhere else. the ebb and flow of my love-hate relationship with my current city is pulling me towards the "hate" side right now. i have renewed vigor to fight the fight and continue pressing for an eventual move. i know it won't be anytime soon, but hope dies last, and that "eventual" spurs me on.

i have successfully shifted peter from "never" wanting to move to pittsburgh to "would only be willing to because of you". baby steps my friends, baby steps.

back to brooklyn though...

[williamsburg bridge from brooklyn bridge]

[a piece of williamsburg]

brooklyn is fabulous. it better lends itself to expression. it somehow feels more real than manhattan (much as i love manhattan). you see real people there. it's grittier. it boasts authenticity and genuineness. i can't quite explain it. but if you have a chance to go, go. you won't regret it.

[pratt campus]

[church in flat bush]

all of these pictures were taken on my last trip to brooklyn. i can't wait to see the BCP guys, and serve their communities alongside them. look for more pictures upon my return.

sweet dreams loves!


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