up, down, all around

"i'm wide awake and so alive"

the above is part of the chorus in the matt nathanson song i'm listening to right now. while i'm currently not wide awake, i am "so alive."

i have very mixed emotions right now. we had a great and fairly relaxing weekend. we had lazy mornings at home, went to the pool, went putt-putting, had lots of ice cream, played various games, visited with peter's family, watched fireworks from the driveway, and thoroughly enjoyed our company.

i don't like that they had to go home, especially because home isn't just up the street.

i know we'll get to see them in just over a month, but that doesn't mean i liked watching them drive away...

at times like these i wonder why i wanted to move so far away, and i dream of one day have a house in pittsburgh too. taking walks with my sister-in-law with strollers in tow, grilling out every saturday during the summer and watching all of our kids run through the sprinkler.

until then i'll count my blessings here and now,

and count down the days
until next month...


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