oldie but a goodie

i'm busy prepping for the wonderful family we have coming in to town this evening, but i came across this old document, and had to share it with you in honor of the world cup.

it's from an old advertisement -- i think it was a nike ad, maybe? anyway, enjoy!

Our football

isn't played in helmets and pads.

It has no "prime times" or "ministers of defense."

Our football never stops, not even for injuries,

not even for commercials.

In our football playing both ways doesn't make you a superstar, just a midfielder.

Our football isn't confined to Soldier Field or Oakland Alameda Coliseum.

It's played wherever two or more are gathered in its name.

In 198 countries, on six continents.

Our football is not won by beating another city in our own country.

It is won by beating every nation on earth.

LOVE it!


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