as part of my preparation for sunday school i read an article talking about the correlation (or lack thereof) between money and happiness. it did mention various things that were found to influence happiness, and one of them was gratitude -- reflecting upon your blessings. and so, i thought i would do just that.

today i'm grateful for --

my husband coming home after close to a week away
a cup of tea thanks to the lovely plume
a new bookshelf for the living room
the friends whose photos sit upon it
the books whose stories have shaped mine
(especially the classics by austen, hugo, dickens, wharton, dumas...)
a crazy dog one cannot help but love
purposeful scars which tell pieces of my story
discussions which challenge me in new ways
resultant goals from the aforementioned discussions
candles that smell like heaven
one of my favorite creations for supper
long summer days
(especially when they're NOT 100 degrees)
pleasant evenings
raspberry sorbet
getting lost in thought
a house to come home to
music for every mood
the love of GOD

what's on your list?


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