brooklyn: la deuxième partie

finally, finally, finally! since it has taken me so long to post pictures from brooklyn i posted far more than i initially intended. while they don't (and can't) give you a complete picture, they do give you a piece. albeit a small one.

we arrived at jfk on saturday night. by the time we made it to our hotel (via public transportation...) it was sunday morning.

our photo tour begins later that same sunday morning:

leaving our hotel to walk to church

the church in the park slope neighborhood meets in this high school

after the service we headed to la bagel delight to pick up lunch
we had a picnic in prospect park with the park slope congregation

the brownstones along the "slope" on our way to the park

our picnic area in the park

service #2 in the williamsburg neighborhood
they meet in st. paul's lutheran church

dinner at "taco bite" in the williamsburg neighborhood
it's a mexican & italian restaurant, and is MUCH better than it sounds.

monday morning
on the subway heading to our worksite

exiting the subway heading to our site

we worked at the armory on 14 st and 8 av
the work we did was for the women's shelter there

the armory also houses a veteran's center and a ymca.

our biggest task was to paint this fence
first we had to scrape and brush it

this is one part of the fence before we painted it

close up shot of before...

...and after

some of us got more paint on us than others

a piece of the neighborhood

heading back to the hotel
we did most of our traveling by subway

dinner monday evening was at "anthony's"
a fabulous pizza place on 7 av

then we took the subway to manhattan
and walked back across the brooklyn bridge

peter and me on the brooklyn bridge

view of the bridge once we were back in brooklyn

our pictures skip tuesday, but this is peter
finishing the fence on wednesday afternoon

close up of the shiny, freshly painted fence

wednesday evening we went to coney island
this sign was for the bumper cars...
we didn't actually go on the bumper cars, but we did get to ride
the cyclone. the cyclone is an 83 year old roller coaster.
and it was amazing.

we did eat at nathan's though.
and it was delicious.
[when in rome...]

thursday was our "manhattan day"
this is on the staten island ferry

passing another staten island ferry...

statue of liberty from the ferry

i don't know if it's because i grew up in pittsburgh
or what, but i LOVE me some bridges

most of our group on the ferry


trinity church

our group in front of federal hall

on the subway heading up to our lunch spot


waiting in line at the shake shack

still waiting...

eating lunch

st patrick's cathedral on 5th

the big piano at fao schwarz
thank you tom hanks.

central park

walking through central park

times square

dinner at tony dinapoli's
it was an overabundance of food
and absolutely delicious

we went through grand central station
on our way back to the hotel.

the next morning (friday) we woke up before dawn to make it to the airport for our 7:30am flight.

there are many good stories, and memories from this trip. mostly i'm thankful for the people we got to meet, and the work we got to do.

and that is my long overdue
ode to brooklyn

and yes,
i still want to move there


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