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if you've never been on etsy shame on you. well, not really shame, it's just that you have NO idea what you're missing!

on any given day i could find at least 10 things i want - and not just things, wonderful handmade things - without even trying. for this post i had to do a bit more "research" than normal because i was trying to find things that other people would like, in addition to things that i would like because otherwise i would have spent $$, and probably far too much in this endeavor to share my love of etsy with you.

i know i've talked about this site before. i know, i know, i know. but just this morning i found the perfect gift for my dad for christmas, and my dad is a hard person to buy gifts for because he has everything he needs, and has no space for superfluous things. [PERFECT!]

so, as much as it pains me to not share said gift with you, i must refrain because otherwise my dad will see it long before he should.

anyway, there really are so many lovely things. i know i recently did a post about christmas gifts, but this is along those lines as well. if at all possible i'd like to get something vintage or handmade for each and every person on our list. [with one or two exceptions...] 

the black and gold magnet above would be a perfect little addition for any pittsburgh native - and i have a few of those on my list. and the sweet little bow necklace has been in the back of my mind for a while now as an option for a few ladies, or yours truly.

the "hockey pucks" above are actually soap -- and i'm very tempted to snatch one up for my father-in-law who played hockey for his whole life [growing up in massachusetts helps with that i suppose]

and the hand-drawn pittsburgh map [circa 1902] is quite possibly one of the coolest things i've seen in a while.

know any horse lovers? because i do! this sweet little necklace would be a perfect addition to my mother-in-law's jewelry repertoire. and the cuff - complete with a mr. darcy quote - would grace my sister-in-law's pride and prejudice-loving arm quite well.

elephants for madi! one of my high school girls simply loves elephants, and i couldn't help but think of how much she'd love these earrings. the purse is just simply fabulous. i'd purchase it for anyone who'd let me borrow it every now and then. *wink*

i know it's hard to see the magnets above, but they are lord of the rings themed refrigerator magnets. for all of the LoTR geeks in your life! [i happen to know a couple of them as well...] the mug is yet another pride and prejudice allusion. i just haven't been able to decide which piece of paraphernalia would get more use.

i happen to know quite a few nurses, and this "science-themed" heart pillow made me laugh, and think of how many people i know who would absolutely LOVE this.
the same shop has scrabble tile pillows. they're kind of pricey, and we have way too many throw pillows on our couches as it is [just ask my husband], but how much would i love "H O M E" spelled out across them??

i could go on and on. i could show you all of the many fabulous purchases i've made off of etsy over the past 2 years, but it would probably be better for you to just check it out yourself. 

the above pictures, and items, are via the following etsy shops (left to right from top): the point, j2jewelry, daisycakessoap, alternatehistories, makepienotwar, jezebelcharms, thesilverdog, adeleshop, thedcontinuum, brookish, shopdirtsa

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