life lately has been stinky. and crazy. there has been far too much going on - especially considering how low-key things *should* be right now.

this is supposed to be the calm before the storm. it hasn't been calm thus far.

today has been one heluva day. [say it quickly if you don't get it... caught up? good.] it's not so much that anything went wrong, just that i packed so much into it i could barely breathe. i got started with the baking i need to do for tomorrow a bit late.

did you know it takes an hour to bake a loaf of bread? i do now. next time i won't start the first of two loaves at 11pm, especially while i still have only one bread pan.

that'll teach me.

oh well. at least i'm all caught up on glee, desperate hoes [ahem, housewives], and what not to wear. and i finally got to paint my nails and clean up the dishes that have amassed themselves in the sink between last night's dinner, and my in-and-out sort of day today.

if only i could fall into bed now.

i had to chuckle to myself today while walking bexley because peter has mentioned the weather of my home city with disdain a few times over the past couple of days. yet, the weather here has been utterly grey. rainy, but just enough to make the air humid, and not clear anything away. nasty. and unfortunately, much too warm to be a cold autumn shower.

i desperately want to wear tights tomorrow. however, when i almost started sweating from walking the dog in a sweatshirt at about 9:30pm this evening, i started to lose a bit of hope.

we shall see, i suppose.
tomorrow will come whether i ready myself or not.

anyone have some
stored up sleep hours
you'd like to  donate
to my sleep debt?


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