more than i am

i'm not always the most upbeat or optimistic person in the world. i'm sure we can all agree to that. sometimes i'm so overly analytical that i refuse to see the thing, or situation at hand in a remotely positive way. 

so, i decided that today, despite all of the cleaning i need to do, and the other things i need to work on that i don't really want to work on...

today will be a good day -- or at least the rest of the day will be a good day. 

last night i was reminded of how much ugliness is in the world. how much pain, and sorrow, and evil, and nastiness. it took me a long while to fall asleep because i was so uneasy.

so today, i'm determined to focus on the beauty. on the things that make you believe in life again. not in the world, mind you, but that it is possible to accomplish good things in life. that we shouldn't just hand things over to the evil which is constantly trying to creep in by ceasing to try for good. by ceasing to do what we know is right.

so, here goes. beauty. goodness. grateful heart.

fall temperatures
the smell of fallen leaves
wearing boots and comfy sweaters

pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks
thoughts of cinnamon rolls and the
macy's thanksgiving day parade

comfy warm throws to snuggle under
roasted vegetables
fragrant lighted candles

and all the people and traditions it entails
the jazz stylings of ms. melody gardot

pumpkins and gourds everywhere!
autumn bouquets on the table

reminders of our heritage
the holiday season
bringing joy
goodwill towards all men 

 breakfast goodness
flannel pajamas
hot coffee and hot chocolate
[and peppermint mochas]
visiting family

happy memories
evening walks

the beauty of devotion
and of history
traveling goodness

the gardens at versailles

walking hand in hand
the one who walks beside me

when the light hits just so
and you have to pause
to drink in the wonder
of where you are

the fabulous combination
of GOD's nature
and man's God-given
design talents

the comforts of home

roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt
pumpkin pie
pumpkin anything!
farmer's markets




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