time for some thanks giving

just after thanksgiving a couple of years ago peter prayed a prayer which i have remembered ever since. he said: LORD, please help us to continue to be thankful as we head into christmas. 

and it struck me. why just one day a year?

why is it that we concentrate on giving thanks one day a year, and yet christmas [or more accurately, what we've made out to be capitalismas...] gets a whole season. now, i'm not arguing for a shorter christmas season, but for a longer season of thanks giving. 

even though i haven't had a chance to watch it for the past four thanksgivings, i always think of the macy's thanksgiving day parade when i think of thanksgiving. 

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when we were little my brother and i used to camp out in the den overnight so we could sleep in until just before the parade started. we would wake up, flip on the tv, and wait patiently [sometimes] until my mom brought freshly baked cinnamon rolls and milk upstairs for breakfast. we'd stay in our pajamas all morning, and watch the majority of the parade. i use to look forward to it every year. 

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[sidenote]: now the macy's thanksgiving day parade also reminds me of a friends episode from season 1: "the one where underdog gets away." so funny.

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anyway, i've decided to make another list. here's my list of thankfulness for this monday morning. feel free to borrow and or steal these, and give thanks for the many ways you've been blessed.

i'm grateful because:
  • peter comes home today!
  • it's a moody, blustery, FALL day. [sort of fall-ish anyway.]
  • there is a rainbow of autumn outside of my window.
  • the steelers won yesterday
  • the internet has worked successfully all morning [knock on wood!]
  • pie-baking starts tomorrow afternoon
  • cinnamon roll baking may start today -- i have a hankering
  • i still have pumpkin bread, AND pumpkin spice creamer
  • i have a new idea for a cake/cookie plate that i'm super excited to try
  • i found a perfectly hilarious christmas gift for my husband last week
  • i have plenty of everything i need
  • new perspectives lead to unlikely and unexpected friendships
  • grace abounds
  • white christmas - the musical - is coming to charlotte!
  • there is a new bakery right next to trader joe's that i get to visit today. 
  • hope dies last, and despite a few things, it pushes on
  • bing crosby, danny kaye, vera ellen, and rosemary clooney will soon be frequent visitors at my house. [i don't think peter is grateful for this one...]
  • i've decided to thumb my nose at charlotte weather and wear boots and fall clothes anyway
  • lots of laundry to do means i have lots of clothes to wear
  • i get to see and spend time with lots of fun people this week...
  • ...and eat turkey, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and corn pudding, and green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie, and so much goodness!!
  • there will be shopping and a starbucks peppermint mocha on black friday
  • i have opportunities to be a blessing to others
  • sometimes pains are growing pains, and they mean that you're growing
  • i'm not GOD, so i don't have to worry when i'm not in control

give thanks with 
a grateful heart


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