right about now i'm wondering how in the world i'm going to get all my ducks in a row. after my week of nothing but sickness, tv, movies, and sleep last week this week has been a bit of a jump-start.

soccer and work have both started up again - one because spring break is over, and one because life is resuming. so much has happened this week i feel like it should be friday already. big changes are starting to roll out this week which makes things even crazier. they'll be shared soon, but not quite yet.

anyway, my little blogger here has taken a bit of a hit. i can't believe we're four days into may already and i haven't posted at all. i guess that's because i haven't spent 24 hours at home this week. let me tell you - it makes a big difference.

so, things of note this week:

1. i've started a new workout schedule. one that i'll hopefully be able to do on a continual basis.
2. in my first "back to working out after a week and a half of not" workout i got a huge blister on my toe.
3. i've made homemade spaghetti sauce, and homemade mac & cheese this week. both turned out well, although next time i'll make a few alterations to the spaghetti sauce...
4. i learned that grocery stores do not leave rotisserie chickens out after 7 or 8 pm. so, instead of chicken, baked beans, and homemade mac & cheese for dinner tonight we only had the mac & cheese and baked beans. oh well.
5. i also figured out that the most "southern" i'll probably ever get is enjoying a plate of mac & cheese and baked beans with a glass of iced tea.
6. i had a great brunch meeting with one of our adult leaders, who also happens to be one of my former students. sunday her little sister and i decided that i should write a book entitled "ihop adventures with jenelle" since that has been our meeting place of choice recently. maybe someday.
7. we played our second to last regular season soccer game, and will play our last one before the week draws to a close. if all goes well friday we'll finish the regular season at 13-4-1. not too shabby, really.
8. i ordered a fabulous gift off of etsy for one of my girls. it reminded me how much i LOVE gifts - both giving and getting, but there's just something about finding the perfect gift for someone. there's nothing quite like it!

anyway, this girl's head is about ready to hit the pillow for a good, long night of rest.

the weekend's not that far away, right?


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