would you dare...?

do you remember, a few months ago, when i told you about a 16 year old, and her heart for this place in ghana, africa called the father's house? [if you don't, you can find it HERE]

well, last night was ghana rock - the concert that a group of teenagers worked for months and months to put together. this benefit concert was to raise awareness, and raise money for the father's house.

this is madi with the 8 boys she helped to rescue in January
{via ghanarock2011.blogspot.com}

their goal was to raise $10,880, which is enough to fund the father's house for about a year. 

so last night, peter and i got to the concert, and we saw many many people from church. we saw many many people we didn't know too. and we saw a whole lot of teenagers working together to make it happen.

at the end of the night - after they took up an offering - madi came back out on stage and announced that the concert had raised $40,000 for the father's house.

$4   0,   0   0   0

enough to fund the father's house for about 4 years. and people still wanted to donate more...

we serve a really big God. a God who does the impossible. a God who brings people together when they have nothing else in common. a God who uses the most unexpected people to accomplish amazing things. 

madi could have said she is too small of a person. she's only one person. she's 16. but instead, she decided to follow the call God had placed in her heart. she got a group of teenagers together and put together a benefit concert. 

i think far too often we forget that God is God, and he can use whomever he pleases to accomplish his work. and if there is one thing i've learned in working with teenagers for the past [almost] 5 years, it's this: we don't expect enough from them. we write them off far too often, and think that they're just kids, and we shouldn't expect that much. 

but why would we want them to wait to accomplish amazing things? why should we tell them they can't do something amazing just because they're young? who are we to say?  because as they say in the song: "if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? and if our God is with us, then what can stand against?"

i know last night was not about me in any way, shape, or form. but personally, i needed it too. josh wilson's songs specifically really hit home for me. in fact, i came home last night and bought one of his albums off of itunes. this morning it has been playing on repeat.

this song is my favorite:

it's an amazing song, with an amazing story.
there have been times lately when i've been so close to giving up hope. because things just don't make sense. because life is hard sometimes. so the big question that this song asks -- would you dare to believe? -- has hit home too.

would i dare to believe that God keeps his promises, and that there is a bigger picture? would i dare to believe that what the bible says is really true? would i believe that i serve a really big God? one who is sovereign, one who has everything under his control. one who will not let a sparrow fall to the ground outside of his care.

would you dare to believe?


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