it's friday! and you know what that means - the weekend officially starts! yes, i have far more work to do than what i would like to have to do between now and 4:00, and yes i am procrastinating a bit by updating my little blog here. i'm just looking forward to the weekend arriving, more than i'm looking forward to the next few hours.

i actually kicked off my own version of the weeekend last night, but doing my nails while i caught up on dvr'd versions of a couple shows. i decided to give these new stickers a try and see if they actually work. so, my nails now have a lace design on them. i'm not 100% sold yet, but we'll see if they actually last a full 10 days or peel off after a couple.

the rest of the actual weekend holds a lot of promised goodness. tonight we have our final regular season soccer game. i've also determined that before said game i will be stopping by starbucks for my favorite spring/summer drink -- a green tea frappuccino -- courtesy of the starbucks gift card in my easter basket, and half-price frappuccino hour(s) from 3-5. 

{via starbucks.com}

the soccer game - which hopefully will cap off our season with a win - will be followed by a little get-together which will include this necklace for a certain person who shall remain nameless for right now.

{via sora design's etsy shop}

tomorrow morning we have our coaches meeting in the morning - complete with breakfast [although being a bit of a coffee snob i'll probably brew that at home...] - to vote for all-conference, and find out the official schedule for states, etc.

after my morning meeting i'll be getting all the ingredients necessary to make a triple berry crisp for our get together with peter's family for mother's day. i haven't made it in a while, but it is stinkin good. allrecipes wins again!

{via allrecipes.com, courtesy of a katie from seattle}

the weekend will most likely draw to a close with a relaxing sunday full of church, youth group, and naps. and maybe some chicken and black bean quesadillas for dinner. YUM!

happy weekending!


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