morning blog roll

i realized this morning as i toggled through my normal blog-reading routine that even though i have links to all of these blogs on my sidebar i've never really shared them with you. this is the one part of my morning that stays pretty consistent. normally, when i eat breakfast and make my coffee i sit down to peruse my favorite blogs.

first i usually stop by on the sartorialist to see what kind of fantastic outfits scott found, in whatever corner of the world he was in the day before.


then i take a look at what is going on in the world of my friend barb over at knack.


from there i stop by jillian's blog - the noisy plume - to see if she has any beautiful creations to show off
next, i check out candace's latest adventures out in seattle


after that on the list is the lovely mrs. french of bliss


then i take a peek into the life of melisa of the lil bee

and my most recent find is that of emily's cupcakes and cashmere


once i get through those i'm usually inspired to post. so, i bring up my little blogger, and determine what, if anything, i have to share for the day.

for me this weekend was not quite as wonderful as i was hoping, but it's over now and all i can do is move on...

this week [along with the next couple] promises to be a whole lot of crazy. who knows, though? you never get quite what you expected.

don't i know it...
hope you have 
a great monday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out lady :) I love the thoughts you shared in the latest post...and the ring you bought to remember this season.

    I'm praying for upward growth....good change...and beautiful blooms in the end!



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