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i went through my pictures from our trip to massachusetts today. i picked my favorites to share with you. and then i discovered that there are 76 of them. so.

i decided to split it up into two posts. part 1 is boston. part 2 is martha's vineyard and falmouth.

we had a lot of fun on our trip. much of what we did i didn't even take pictures of because those things weren't particularly conducive to photographs.

anyway, without further ado...

friday afternoon, once we arrived in boston, 
we spent some time just walking around and getting a feel for the city.

we stopped in the old north church --
"one if by land, and two if by sea"

friday evening we headed to the museum of fine arts,
and spent a few hours there.
it was especially interesting because they had more asian art
than any other museum i've ever visited.

we were blessed to stay in the apartment of a friend while in boston.
this was our view from the 20th floor:

saturday morning we took a tour of fenway park.

then we walked over to cambridge.

on and around m.i.t.'s campus

then we took the T up to harvard.

we were planning on heading to the aquarium, 
but the line was ridiculously long.
so we walked through beacon hill instead.

sunday morning we started off with cannoli from mike's pastry.

then we took an historical walking tour around the city

boston commons

john hancock's grave

paul revere's grave

site of the boston massacre

after the tour we went down to the JFK museum, 
and then back up to cambridge.

first stop: toscanini's ice cream

we also stopped by a shop on our way up to
see a men's soccer game at harvard.

instead of switching lines on the T after the game
we opted to walk back along the water to the apartment.

site of griffin's wharf -- where the boston tea party took place.
we learned a lot, and saw a lot in boston. we had a fabulous time exploring the city, and finding our way around. we also had a lot of good food. i had a lot of good sea food. in fact, my favorite meal while in boston was at nico's italian restaurant in the north end. it was a risotto with scallops, and it was absolutely divine!

part two will be up tomorrow.

hope you had a fabulous day.


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