i know, i know, i have been completely m.i.a. for the past week and a half. but that's because we were on vacation, and then on vacation -- sort of.

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first, we went to boston to celebrate our anniversary. we had a great time. [i will post pictures soon. i need to unload some of my old pictures onto our external hard drive so i can fit all the new ones onto my laptop. and naturally, the hard drive is at home. and we aren't yet.] anyway, we were only home for about 24 hours after getting back from boston [at 2 a.m. i might add] before heading up to pittsburgh.

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we came up now because peter's company has a job up here, and he's working on site with the guys. so it remains vacation for me, and work, work, work for him. this job keeps getting extended, but for an indefinite amount of time. the most definite we have at this point is that we'll be leaving tomorrow. yesterday he thought it might be today, and at the beginning of the trip we thought it was going to be sunday.

c'est la vie -- more time with family for me!

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the weather up here has been great. i've even gotten a couple runs in -- i forgot how hilly pittsburgh is. i love it though. love, love, love it.

how have you been this september?

happy monday!


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