this friday morning

granted it's afternoon now, but i thoroughly enjoyed this morning. i slept in just enough to make it feel like sleeping in, and not so much as to feel as if i wasted the whole morning by sleeping through it. i caught up on project runway with my breakfast, and then i went for a 5 1/2 mile run. i only needed to do 5 miles, but the weather is perfect today so i went out a little farther than i needed to.

today feels like home to me. i walked bexley in long sleeves, the screen door is open to let the cool taste of autumn air into the house, and i've been curling up under blankets all day. hot drinks sound delightful, i'll be wearing a light sweater, jeans, and boots out to run errands later, and we're having soup for dinner.

i'm taking it all in, and enjoying it while it's here! all next week it's supposed to jump back up into the upper 80s, which i am less than thrilled about, but this weekend should be stellar.

anyway, before i head off to clean and do laundry, here are a few photos to remind you that there are so many good things in this world.

happy happy friday!


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