strength. lessons from running.

this morning i went for a run - as i've been doing most days for the past couple weeks, and will likely continue to do most days for the next few months. anyway, after said run i was thinking about strength. my run this morning did not feel particularly good. i have had a couple particularly good runs within the past week, but today was not one of them.

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but what buoyed me afterwards is that it's done. over. and i'm stronger because i pressed on and finished it. i'm closer to where i want to be because i pushed through the pain and kept on going.

one of the songs on my workout mix is sing by my chemical romance. i fell in love with the song when glee covered it last season, and downloaded it a few days later when i couldn't stop singing it. there's a line spoken in the midst of the song that simply says "keep running". and every time i hear it i think about the simplicity of it. just. keep. running.

and then i think about life. life takes strength. and life builds strength. strength comes when you do something you didn't think you were strong enough to do. when you do the right thing when the wrong thing would be so much easier. strength comes when you just. keep. running. pressing on. pushing through.

there's an old quote - i don't remember who said it right now - but it says: if you're going through hell, keep going. keep. going. you can do it. will you?

will you fight against the voice in your head that says you aren't strong enough, or big enough, or fast enough, or good enough?

will you find the strength you never knew you possessed until you were forced to do something you never thought you could?

will you keep running 
the race marked out for you?
i think you should.


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