merry christmas eve eve

this year marks a new record for us. it's the sixth christmas we've had since we got married, and the first time that all of our presents are wrapped and under the tree before christmas eve. peter normally has shopping left to do up until about today -- sometimes tomorrow, and doesn't finish wrapping all of the gifts he's responsible for until after we get back from our christmas eve dinner.

this year [with many thanks to amazon] he finished wrapping everything last night. so, i've determined that we'll be driving around to look at christmas lights after dinner tonight instead of doing a last minute scramble to make sure we have sufficient gifts for everyone.

we have just a few things to do tomorrow. namely, i have twenty miles to run. it's my last truly long run before my marathon, and before i get to start tapering. in truth, i'll be very excited when it's over, and i can look forward to the actual event!

i hope wherever you find yourself today [hopefully not at a mall!] you are thankful for this season of christmas. you are thankful for whatever blessings you have in your life - even if you're not where you thought you'd be.

you want to know what i'm thankful for?

the best hubby ever!

merry merry christmas :o)


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