what's in a weekend?

currently i'm sitting in our family room with football on in the background, slowly and methodically uploading photographs of products to my website.

my team played on thursday night this week [and kicked some browns booty!], so this sunday i'm trying to be productive since i have no real interest in any other team. this afternoon i've already addressed as many Christmas cards as possible - all but the ones missing an address - and gotten them all ready to stick in the mail.

now we just need the photos [which we'll get this evening] and the stamps. as life moves closer and closer to Christmas, i'm slowly crossing things off of the list. i still need to clean up a few things today, and plan our menu for this week, but right now i'm sipping some mint hot chocolate and enjoying a piece of calm.

this weekend has been a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of weekend. this is largely due to the fact that i ran 20 miles yesterday, so it took most of the day before i was really up for doing anything else. we capped off the night by having a game night with peter's siblings. we also watched home alone, which made the fact that i was two points shy of winning a little easier to take.

Source: fitsugar.com via Jill on Pinterest

except for my longest run ever, this weekend was largely full of the everyday moments that make up everyday life. making meals, going to church, talking with my husband, doing a bit of writing, trying to plan out our schedule for the rest of the Christmas season...

there are many reasons why Christmas has been hard for me to grab onto this year. however, this got me a little closer, so i just had to share it with you.

it's just so sweet!
and with that, i'm off to try to be productive :o)

i hope you enjoyed your weekend, 
no matter what it brought you.


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