beautiful mess

just a quick thought for today. it's not fully fleshed out, so forgive my rambling...

i heard a song on the radio today that led me to think about messes. we all mess things up sometimes. we all make mistakes. we've all looked at our own life and thought it to be disastrous at one time or another.

sometimes these disasters happen despite our very best efforts, when your heart was in exactly the right place, but the result didn't end up how it was intended.

it's these messes that make me think "beautiful mess."

it's the toddler who makes her bed the very best she can.
the child whose shoes end up on the wrong feet because he "did it himself."

i think we have those moments with God too. all of us. he looks at us and sees a whole bunch of beautiful messes. 

we continually make a mess of things, but he can redeem it all. and he uses us in the process of redemption.

we're like children, trying in vain to lift something heavy - trying to change something, move something bigger than ourselves. we cannot do it in our own strength, but we try anyway.

and then our father comes over and moves it, yet still allows us to help. he allows us to take part, to play a role.

like when my niece and nephew help to cook -- i could make whatever i'm making without their help, but i allow them to take part in the process, and i love watching them as they do.

i think that's the tiniest of imperfect glimpses into how God allows us to take part in the process. he could do it without us, but he loves allowing us into it.

[hopefully that kind of makes sense...]

happy friday!


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