it has been a weird week. plenty has happened, but it feels like i've accomplished nothing at all. this morning i had to wake up with peter so we could finalize the sale of our new car at the crack of dawn. that way peter could still be at work for the vast majority of his work day. it also means i'm going to be brewing some more coffee very, very soon.

despite staying busy with various projects for the entirety of this week, i still feel like i'm very behind when it comes to business stuff, christmas stuff, adoption stuff, cleaning the house stuff -- just about all stuff, really.

but, today is my rest day [ie: i have no run to do], and i was up early, so i'm determined to accomplish things today. 

anyway, adding to the strange-ness of this week is that tuesday of this week was grammy's birthday. i didn't even realize it until mid-morning, and suddenly it hit me. december 6th. december 6th.

she would have been ninety-five.

i can't believe she's been gone for almost three years. it doesn't feel like that long. 

since she passed away her number of great-grandchildren have doubled in size. we keep getting older, and doing new things, and despite the fact that she's not here anymore, it still kind of feels like she is. i still think of her often. usually when i'm drinking my coffee, or when i'm eating reese's. anytime i think about christmas cookies, or when someone comments on my height. [quite often :o) ]

there was always a part of me that thought she'd be around forever - like 100 would be nothing for her. she even told me [on the day of her 90th birthday] that a "big birthday" would be when she turned 100. 

it's just another one of those things - life doesn't happen like you thought it would. 

but, i'm thankful for life. thankful for her. always.

what are you thankful for this week?


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