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monday morning i did something i haven't done in a while. i made myself some coffee. [decaf, of course] i haven't been drinking coffee as much due to the heat of summer, and the fact that i should only really drink decaf. most days it's just not worth the trouble.

this week, however, many other families in our neighborhood did something they haven't done in a while - got their kids up early, and sent them off to school. so, coffee seemed like an appropriate way to go.

truthfully, the start of the school year affects me far less than it used to, given that i no longer work with students. this year though, it invokes the rule that fall is somewhat here, and somewhat just around the corner.

and fall is when the little man comes.

since we've had so much going on over the course of the last four weeks, it seems like i've been in the third trimester for quite a while already, when really, that's not quite so true.

however, fall is so close to being here, that i'm planning on burning all of my summer candles for the next 2 or 3 weeks so once it's officially fall i can break out the pumpkin spice, and apple spice, and apple cider, and biscotti, and mandarin clove candles immediately.

and of course, make some more marshmallows to accompany s'mores, and have a "welcome to fall" bonfire in the backyard.

granted there are also plenty of other things to do - like packing my bag for the hospital, finishing the mobile and the wall hanging for the nursery, buying some more baby clothes, purchasing the last needed things from our registry, getting the car seat setup in the car, writing up our birth plan for the hospital staff, reading a couple more books, and hopefully, deep cleaning the house.

it'd probably be a good idea to make and freeze some meals too, but we'll see how it goes!

i had my "32 weeks" appointment yesterday, and asked a bunch of questions about labor and delivery, etc. the doctor said everything looks good, and measures as it should. we also had our last class at the hospital last night, so we're getting there.

inch by inch.

today i took care of a number of things, but there are still quite a few waiting to be checked off the list. oh, well, sometimes things just take longer than i think they should.

now i'm off to meet a friend for coffee, and catching up.

have a good end
to your wednesday!


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