truth be told

lately my emotions have been all over the place. ALL over the place. i'm guessing it's mostly due to the tiredness that's accompanying the third trimester, but nonetheless, it's weird.

example: a week or so ago i was thinking about people that i still needed to call/touch base with to let them know whether we're having a boy or girl. i immediately thought of grammy - that i hadn't talked to her yet, so i needed to call her. subsequently, i almost started crying because for a split second i forgot she's gone.

it's weird how things hit me every once in a while. something entirely random makes me choke up, or something that would normally evoke one response results in a completely different one.

and frankly, writing has just been hard lately. it's like i've been stuck without words for a while. or at least the words i'd like to say are not quite so becoming. and there's no real reason for the unbecomingness, it's just there. ugly. and there.

i've been struggling a bit. but not struggling, struggling. just realizing that some things that wouldn't have bothered me before really seem to get under my skin now.

anyway, things are still moving forward - i officially feel fat, with 10 more weeks to go. and yesterday didn't help when i had someone ask me if i was due any day. i told him: "10 more weeks actually, but thanks for making me feel huge." oh well. the doctor says i'm measuring perfectly, so i shouldn't let it bother me. *shouldn't* being the operative word.

i digress.

we still have some projects left to complete. actually, i have a few more projects to complete within the next few weeks. there are a few more on the docket prior to little mister making his way into the world.

*PAUSE* just realized that i haven't officially shared the word on here: we're having a boy! and no, we don't know what we're going to name him yet. that's still in the works...

*PLAY* anyway, we did get the crib set up on sunday. it looks pretty bare right now because the next two projects that need to be completed in the nursery are the wall hanging, and mobile that would both be in this picture if they were finished. and the colors are a little off...

it also looks a little bare because we don't have any of the bedding yet. though hopefully this coming weekend will change that!

i also finished the redo of the big dresser last week. here's the made over version:

[again, the color is off, especially in the first one...

anyway, i also have to show you this -- this is a box that was painted for us by one of my friends, and it is filled with prayers for baby boy [or little dub, as my brother has been calling him].

i think we'll keep adding prayers to it as he grows up. and if i still like the idea when the next one comes along, we'll do the same for him/her.

anyway, it's crazy and exciting to think we're getting closer - getting toward the end of summer, where kids are starting to go back to school, and fall sports are all gearing up. [and of course toward fall, which will bring a new little life into our world!]

if you've been reading for long, you know how much i adore fall. and as usual i'm extremely excited for the onset of cooler weather, and everything that comes with it.

in the past couple weeks i've been seeing fall clothes in stores, pins about fall on pinterest - mostly of the pumpkin variety, signs in my most frequented coffee shops about pumpkin lattes coming back, and facebook posts about preseason for soccer and football.

i've noticed the slightly shorter days, and thus longer nights. the mornings have stayed cooler for a little bit longer, and in case i needed another "sign" of fall, my september instyle magazine came yesterday. all 650+ pages of it!

i know some people love summer, but i'm much more of a fall girl.

here are some things i'm loving for fall:

i adore this sweater - and i could rock it the whole way through the fall & winter, despite my prego-ness

baked pumpkin spice doughnuts. seriously. seriously. these look amazing.

we can't forget the pumpkin spice lattes! this is a recipe for homemade pumpkin spice lattes. and you better bet i'll be trying the decaf version!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

gorgeous, fabulous boots. i love them so so much!

pull apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread. make everything pumpkin, and i'm a happy camper!

gorgeous coat. gorgeous. and the black & gold is just perfect :o)

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

scarf, jeans, boots. and a slouchy shirt that i could possibly still wear despite my burgeoning belly.

pumpkin snickerdoodles. YES.

warm enough, but not bundled - perfect for charlotte.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

this blazer is just so good. if i could wear it right now, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

simple & fantastic.

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

little mister needs something to wear for thanksgiving! :o)

perfect outfit. comfy, but still super cute.

loaded baked potato soup. can't wait to start making soups again!

strap some blankets onto bikes, and go have a picnic. sounds idyllic.

i'd have a bonfire every night of fall, if possible.

Source: via Eleanore on Pinterest

steeler nation - we start 'em young!

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

possibly the best INT ever. by the best safety in the league! okay, i'm biased, but still, i'm glad troy plays for my team!! can't wait to see more of this from him this year.

i couldn't stop adding pictures! there are just too many good ones that add so much positivity to my world.

are you excited for fall yet??

can you tell i am?
happy hump-day!


  1. I love fall! It's my favorite season.... And people say stupid things when you are pregnant. You are TINY, Katie - strong but petite. So you're going to look huge when you are pregnant 'cause there's nowhere for the baby to go but OUT.... Loved reading this. You sound so normal in your crazy feelings; your reminded of the crazy normal pregnancies I had - and all the sweet years since. Praying for you three!


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