welcome to the third trimester

this week marks week 28, and my introduction to the third trimester. it's unbelievable to me that it has gone as fast as it has.

i promise i tried to take a picture of my belly earlier today, but i deleted every single one because each one turned out horribly. i'll just have to wait until peter can take one for me...

as exciting as everything has been up until this point it seems as though the excitement is building, and we're on more of a time crunch now. despite the fact that we have almost 12 weeks until the due date, i'm hoping to be done with everything by mid-september, just in case babykins decides to debut early.

of course there's added excitement for the next 3 weekends since the first of the baby showers is this weekend, followed by peter's extended family coming to visit the following weekend, and a trip up to the steel city for the second baby shower the weekend after that.

this coming weekend however, is when this happens:

yep, the gender will be revealed this weekend inside of a yummy cake :o)

the crib will also be gifted [thanks to another set of grandparents...] within the next couple weeks, which means the nursery will really start to come together and make its way from guest bedroom, to a real nursery. i have a few more projects to complete before it's finished, but none of them should take a ton of time. i just can't wait until the room itself matches the mental picture in my head. i feel like it'll be more real at that point - and somehow more surreal as well. [as if babykins' constant kicks and movement aren't surreal enough already. random sidenote: peter is convinced pregnancy is what spurred the idea of the movie "alien."]

despite being 28 weeks in, there are still moments when i think about everything, and say to myself: "holy ____, we're going to be parents."

but most of the time it's just nervous excitement! and from talking to other parents, i'm realizing that it will be that way for pretty much the rest of my life! crazy!

and random p.s.: if anyone wants to buy something that isn't on the registry, i'm all about this in a size small!!

Source: cafepress.com via Kate on Pinterest

hope you're having a great week!


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