snake hunting.

yesterday didn't quite go as planned for me. i came back from walking bexley in the morning, and as i walked up the steps to our house i saw a snake on the wall of our porch. it was in between the grooves of the brick.

i quickly walked bexley inside since i wasn't sure what type it was, and didn't particularly want either of us to get bitten by a copperhead.

i texted peter to let him know about the snake, and he asked me to put on my rain boots, go back outside, and try to get a picture of it.

so, i went back outside in my boots, with my phone. i peered around the porch, anxiously looking for the snake. i walked the six or seven feet to the steps, and right before i turned around...


the snake fell down onto the floor of the porch

and yes, i screamed - not a scream, scream, but the type of mini-shriek you let out when something scares the **** out of you.

anyway, i sent the picture to peter, and he wasn't 100% sure what type it was either, but just in case, he asked me to kill it.

let me repeat that.

he asked his [pregnant] wife to put on jeans, gloves, and rain boots
and get the hoe from the shed, and kill the snake.

so, i put on jeans and rain boots, got the hoe and a pair of gloves from the shed, and walked around to the front of the house [in 85 degree heat, with 95% humidity] to attempt my first snake killing.

and the freaking snake was nowhere to be found.

i peered up on the ceiling of the porch, checked out the walls, and
moved a couple of things that may have been obscuring my view of him.
all the while, i was expected another thud, or a slither across my foot.
i looked into the bushes, scanned the grass, and nothing.
no dice.
no snake.

i opted to leave the hoe and gloves on the front porch, and went back inside.

i left a bit later, praying all the while that the snake would not fall on my head as i left the house. peter said he'd look for it again when he got home, but i thought it had probably [hopefully] fled to another yard/house/area.

last night, peter texted me to let me know that he had found and killed the snake. it was hiding behind the gutter pipe, on the wall by the porch.

this morning, i was still a bit uneasy when it came to opening the front door, and venturing onto the porch with bexley for our morning walk. 

to my relief there was no snake anywhere to be seen. however, i did see two snake skins on the porch. 
two snake skins.

so, while i'm hoping otherwise, the saga may continue.

and i'm still praying that
nothing drops on my head.


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