single digits

yes. we're officially less than 9 weeks from my due date. granted, i'm not betting on the little man coming early, or even on time, but nonetheless, i'll take it!

this weekend was a fantastic one despite all the driving. friday we ventured up to pittsburgh and were greeted by perfect temperatures, which remained in effect all weekend long. friday evening we celebrated my dad's birthday. saturday was my pittsburgh baby shower, and were we ever showered with so many much needed things for our little boy! i left feeling much more at ease about our level of preparation.

my sister-in-law did such a great job of organizing everything, and she had a lot of help from moms, and cousins, and my wonderful aunt who hosted the shower. i have to give many many thanks to sarah specifically though -- she made owl cookies, an owl cake, owl decorations, came up with the menu, helped to make the wraps, wrote out my list for thank-yous, and made her nephew the cutest quilt ever! [and that's just the tip of iceberg]

owl cake!
it was even cuter in person.

baby boy's quilt
chevron side

baby boy's quilt
zoo animal side
we do still have a few things to get, but only a few, and i still have a couple of projects. however, it all seems much more manageable now. [i'll post more pictures of the nursery once the projects are complete!]

saturday evening we celebrated my nephew's 4th birthday. i cannot believe he's four. i know the same thing will happen in a much more pointed way when ours is growing too fast, but still. it's crazy!

happy birthday zach-attack!

sunday we headed to my dad's after church, and had a relaxing day with them. we capped it off by watching the steelers preseason home opener.

and yesterday we made the long trek back.

last night peter and i were talking about how fast this summer has gone, and how crazy it is that we're pretty much at the end of it. and how our life will change in a couple months.

even when we've been looking forward to it for such a long time it's still hard to wrap our heads around it.

and yet, in a few short weeks we won't be able to remember what life was like before he was part of our world.

crazy how life works...

hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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