black plum persimmon

I am engulfed in a new scent today. I bought a fabulous smelling candle a couple months ago, but had yet to light it until this morning. Today is the perfect day for it though. It is a deep, warm, rich scent and fits well with the shift back to cooler temperatures outside. 

Today is a day that will delight in creativity. I am determined to redo and add to my inspiration wall (as I tend to do from time to time), menu plan so we can have some savory dinners this week, read some more of a book I am rapidly falling in love with - the hunchback of notre dame, and who knows what else. 

Albeit the chillier temperatures it is an absolutely fabulous day outside. It is brilliantly sunny with a bright blue sky and marshmallow clouds begging to be defined as puppy faces and fire breathing dragons. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to adventure into the great outdoors and discover some wonder for myself.

I'm not sure where I'm going to find it, but sometimes it's just necessary to look at the world through the eyes of someone else. I heard a great story as part of the sermon at church yesterday. It was about a guy who was flying from New Orleans to Newark last week, and his plane was delayed for 5 hours. So, he got to Newark late and missed his connecting flight to Buffalo. He has an unused ticket for Continental Airlines flight 3407 to Buffalo. The same flight that crashed outside of Buffalo and killed everyone on board. True story. I have to admit, I'm trying to look at life through his eyes today.

I'm trying to remember that just like him (although maybe not as obviously) I'm here for a reason, I've been given the gift of life, and many many more blessings have been piled on me. What kind of glasses will I put on today?

lifting up a cup of gratitude...


  1. Great post. So good to remember to look at our situations from a different perspective. I shared at church last week that I am so blessed because although my kids don't sleep well, they are healthy. I spend my days here at home,mostly tired but not tired at Childrens Hospital. We aren't on medicine, aren't in pain...can't be much more blessed than that!



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