were you never sick as a child?

Today I am thoroughly engulfed in sickness. I have been sick since Thursday and every day thus far it has only gotten worse. Although, to be fair, my worst hour or two was actually on Saturday while on our retreat. I passed out about 15 minutes after I woke up while in the kitchen, and have a lovely battle scar to show for it.

courtesy of some part of the kitchen...

My day is full of nothing but reading, writing and watching. And a ridiculous amount of nose-blowing.

I'm exhausted and dizzy and absolutely miserable. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good. All I want is to sleep, but trying to get to sleep just reminds me of how sick I am and how hard it is to breathe.

I'm attempting to enjoy this time without guilt - I'm honestly good for nothing today, but reminding myself of that doesn't always convince me that I'm doing what I should be by trying to rest, and drink lots of water. Currently I am finishing up the wonderful musical "My Fair Lady" which has brought more than a little enjoyment to my day.

Despite my misery today I am greatly looking forward to next week when Ikea officially opens in Charlotte. Peter has already forbidden me from making a weekly trip there when I take my weekly trip to Target. I have reassured him by reminding him that we already have enough furniture, and until we move he needn't worry about me getting much more.

Hopefully that will not discourage him from wanting to move.

Well, I'm going to try to finish my book and take a short nap before Peter gets home from work. 

here's hoping you can breathe easy


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