bitter, sweet, so so bittersweet

such is my sentiment after every, single, trip home. because that's just it. pittsburgh is still home. it's where i'm from. living somewhere else for 3+ years does not suddenly shift my hometown. 

i love saying hello, hate saying goodbye -- why do they have to happen so close together?

this weekend pumped wind in my sails and gave me much needed time to get away from my everyday life and think. 15 hours in the car will do that for you i guess. it was rejuvenating in the best ways, but exhausting in others. i was poured into by some of the people who know me best, and i poured out for them as well. 

when i really sit and think about it i'm shocked by life. how is it possible that kids grow up so fast? did my childhood really flit away on the same kind of breeze? 

i've been invigorated, yet saddened. 
i've been filled up, yet drained
i've found new hope, yet i feel lost
i've been assured, yet i'm stuck
my guide is sure, but i'm scared to take a step
do i have the courage to move forward?
do i have the faith to follow blindly?
do i trust fully?

i'm trying to wrap my mind around my thoughts. i feel like they're currently floating, in thought bubbles all around my head...

i'm off to the gym to try to reel them in

30 min run + abs here i come!
happy hump day!


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