sometimes life is hard.

the past couple days i've desperately wanted to give an update, and yet i have no words to express my sorrow as to what happened on friday.

my dear liz lost her mom on friday morning. her mom was an absolutely amazing person, as anyone who ever met her will tell you. to read more of laurie's (aka mama strand's) story click here:

because i have no other words:

I wish there was something I could do,

Something I could say

I want to make it better

You can’t tell how badly I want to make it better

You can’t see the tears running down my face,

Or my heart breaking for you inside

I know it’s not my fault,

I know

But tell me how to fix it

I want to fix it for you

I’m sorry you had to experience the bad part of life

I wish I had some words of wisdom,

But there’s none floating in my head right now

So I’ll just sit here,

Like an idiot.

But it’s not about me

I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you

I’m sorry everything is happening now

I’m sorry I can’t fix it

I’m just sorry

I want to help you somehow

I hate to see you suffer

Hate to see you cry

Hate to see you hurt

I don’t understand either

Wish I could tell you otherwise…

Wish there was something I could do

Prayer just doesn’t seem like enough

It’s all I got…

I’m sorry.

all my love dear.


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