mint, green beans, tomatoes, blackberries, fresh flowers. delicious smells filled my morning to the brim. i rolled out of bed super early (for a saturday) this morning to go with kelly and mum (peter's mom) to the farmer's market. we got there a few minutes after 8:00, pretty much right when it opened. it was marvelous. every time i go i always say i'm going to go more often, but sadly weekends are all too often less relaxing than the weeks preceding and i fail to make it down there. 

my resolve has been strengthened though after both this morning, and a movie that mum and kelly saw this week and told us about last night. it's called "food, inc." while i haven't seen it yet it has come highly recommended, and i really want to see it. if i get the chance i'll be sure to report back on how it is.

this week promises to bring some good meals after my finds this morning. i got some shish kabob meat, ground beef, blackberries, eggplant, cantaloupe, green beans, edamame, tomato - lots of yummy things. and while there was plenty more that i wanted to buy, and indeed could have bought, i thought it best to hold off especially since i want to make it a more regular occurrence in my weekend. just LOOK at these blackberries. scrumpdidliumptious!!

have a tasty weekend!


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