the new concept of aging

ok, so i have to admit that i never really thought about getting older before. i always knew i was, and i would, but i never thought about it in the present tense. it was always in my mind as a point far into the future. 

but lately, i've been realizing that i'm ACTUALLY getting older.

it's a weird feeling. 

it's so strange to look at pictures from when peter and i were dating and think ohmygoodness we look SO YOUNG.   

to think that time has really flown by that quickly. to think that everyone that i went to college with - even my little freshman are now part of this grown-up "real world" that we all love so much. 

the real kicker though is the kids i work with now are as young as 13 years my junior - that's more than half of my life. 

i'm actually starting to feel old. i'm trying to embrace it, but thus far it's not a welcome feeling...
anyway, i'm off to bed - my old eyes start tiring much faster now than they ever have before. 

here's to aging gracefully dears!


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