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I have about 15 minutes before I have to be at work for 2 meetings this afternoon, but something in me just wants to write in the interim. 

I read a couple things lately that just talk about loving life, and I've decided I don't do that quite well enough. Frankly I often look at life from the "half-empty" side instead of the "half-full" side. I need to start giving myself advice and talking myself through things in the same way that I do for others.

It has baffled Peter for some time that I give really good advice to others, but I fail to follow the same advice when I, myself am going through something or trying to figure out a situation.

So, heretofore I resolve to be an optimist. Even if it's a melancholy optimism at times at least it's a start. 

I've also come to the realization that I need structure. As much as I would like to embrace spontaneity regularly I just don't function that way. I need a schedule and a routine. I've already set my basic routine for the fall, now it's just a matter of following it once we get through August.

Part of it now is out of necessity. I'm working, training for my half-marathon, helping Kelly coach cross-country, and, you know, being a wife... Now I have to manage my time well. I'm realizing more and more though that I always have to manage my time well if I want to be excited about what's going on. I need the structure in my life. 

That said I think I need to set up a structure that utilizes the pool pass I just picked up for our neighborhood pool. Just thinking about spending an afternoon lazing about in the sun reading and napping makes me relax a little bit more. 

To borrow from my father-in-law:
Life's not fair, but God is good.


  1. Hi! Love your post today! I immediately thought of this site when I finished reading. Not sure if you're a "list freak" like me but thought I'd share this if you are! You can download and print, she has lots of lists to choose from. http://simplemom.net/tools/downloads/

    Just printed mine but haven't filled them out yet!



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