the bucket list

peter and i watched "the bucket list" last night. ironically the movie came up in conversation last weekend, and it happened to be next on our netflix queue, unbeknownst to me, and arrived in our mailbox this week. 

i cried. a lot. and of course, like i'm sure many others did after seeing the movie told peter that we needed to sit down and make our very own bucket lists. 

i laughed as i read through mine and peter's because the tone we took with them is so very different.

while it was too late last night to think of every possible thing i wanted to put on said list, i did make a good start of it. and here i share it (at least in part) with you.


bucket list:
love my husband every day of our lives
have a child
adopt a child
raise children who love God
see the grand canyon
visit asia, africa, south america & australia
visit england, ireland & scotland
run a marathon
ski in the alps
coach soccer
kayak on the ocean
go to a world cup soccer game
go back to school
learn french
never lose touch with family or good friends

...all these and so much more
before i kick the bucket


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