ebb and flow

i feel pretty crappy right now. i may have pushed myself a tad too hard on my run.

i decided that even though i still have a bit of a cough and a bit of a sore throat and a bit of fatigue, said things would not stop me from exercising. a week is long enough to go without a cardio workout, and yesterday was a week. so, given that, and the fact that the temperature here in charlotte has settled at about 61 degrees i decided that an outdoor run was in order. the run itself wasn't too bad. my legs were tired, my throat was sore and i had a bit of trouble breathing properly thanks to my lurking sickness, but other than that...

then i stopped.

i arrived home and almost hacked up both of my lungs.

i had a very difficult time getting moving this morning (after a girls' night last night, and a bit of trouble falling asleep) and the difficulty is still looming despite the late hour.

i did get my bike this weekend though so i'm thinking i may take it out for a spin -- down to trader joe's perhaps? maybe a stop at starbucks? hmm...

i also think i need some creativity today. the flu took a lot out of me, and it feels like a parasite draining me still. i need motivation.

time to "make it work"


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